Pray One For Me

Weary, Lonely, Anxious … words we have all heard so much over recent months.  2020 has not been the year any of us were expecting and the Coronavirus has made life so much harder for many of us in many different ways.  But we believe there is still hope and we’d like to support and encourage you in the best way we know how, through prayer. 

As a faith community,  we are very aware that 2020 has been a difficult year in so many ways and the changes we have all had to go through show no signs of ending.  The communities within our parishes have pulled together remarkably; individuals have offered help and support to those in our villages, ensuring that no-one is left alone or without and businesses have changed their way of operating to support residents. However, the mental and emotional impacts of this year could be persistent and far-reaching and we are aware that we will see the effects of this year for some time to come.

An article in the Guardian in May suggested that 1 in 4 adults have watched or listened to a church service during lockdown (20% of whom have never been to church before) and 1 in 20 adults have started praying.

St Helen’s Church community, would therefore like to offer our support to the businesses, families and individuals within the boundaries of Broughton, Swinton, Amotherby and Appleton-Le-Street through a new initiative called Pray One for Me.  Simply let us know what you would like us to pray for – however great or small the request, whether for you or for friends or family, whether you have a faith or not, whether it’s a one-off issue or an ongoing situation – and we will include you in our prayers.


How do I let you know what I would like prayer for?

You can either complete and return the online form below or e-mail us.

Should you choose to email us, please include the following information: 

What would you like us to pray for (please only give as much information as you feel comfortable doing – and if your request is on behalf of someone else you may wish to ask their permission first).

Please tell us if you would like us to include this prayer within the regular service at St Helen’s Amotherby or whether you only wanted it shared with the team behind “Pray One for Me”

Please tell us if you would like us to keep in touch by email, so that you can update us on the request.


If you are aware of someone who does not have access to technology but would like to contact us with a prayer request, please ask them to place a request containing the information above in the designated post-box on the gate of 4 The Mount, High Street, Swinton or in the Rectory post-box in Amotherby.


Who will be praying?

There is a small group of people from St Helen’s Amotherby praying for these requests.  If you are happy for us to do so, your prayer will also be included in the prayers during our regular services.


The Important Bit:

Your request will be treated confidentially, and we will only contact you should you wish us to do so.

The request will be held for 3 weeks and then destroyed unless you tell us otherwise.