Do you make New Year resolutions?

Have you stuck to your latest one, or has it already fallen by the wayside? Are you someone who gives up something for Lent, or decides to do something extra, and manage to stick to it faithfully for the full six weeks? I must admit I am not good at such resolutions! Thinking about them, however, made me think about confession and absolution. We recite the general confession faithfully each week, asking God to forgive what he have been, to amend what we are and to direct what we shall be. Yet still I find myself committing the same sins of omission as well as commission. I still find that I have not loved my neighbour as myself, despite vowing this week that I really will make a concerted effort to do better, to be less judgemental, to be more accepting of the views of others and to be more ready to listen properly and carefully to what others have to say, all the while hoping that maybe, just maybe, this will be the week.

New Year’s Resolutions